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A description of a few projects I've worked on. As a beginner, I'm looking forward to growing my skillset and welcome any feedback! 

Data Science Project

In this project, I analyzed and created a logistic regression machine learning model using Python to predict whether or not a person was a LinkedIn user with 70% accuracy. As part of the project I learned important skills like conducting feature engineering and feature selection to find the most relevant predictive variables which happened to be education level, income level, and age. 


Data Science Project

This was a data science project I did as part of my masters degree at Georgetown. The objective of the project was to analyze DC bikeshare data to see what factors effected bike rentals. Using exploratory analysis and linear regression techniques in R, I was able to find a strong relationship between temperature and bike rentals, with more people rented bikes as temperature went up. 


Data Science Project

This was my first data science project I did as part of an online course I took. The objective of the project was to compare SF and Austin on the basis of demographics, as well as types of venues in both cities. This was to determine how comparable the two cities were, and if I should move to Austin. Spoiler alert: I never ended up moving, but it was insightful nonetheless!

Image by Annie Spratt
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